Saturday, February 19, 2011

Golden Protection Figa by Sye Cheng!

Golden Protection Figa by Sye Cheng!

The Golden Protection Figa Painting displays Luminous symbols that represent Good Fortune, Prosperity, Success and Protection.

The left side of the painting includes the Happiness Character, which enhances the other symbols by adding the extra elements of Friendship, Strength and Heart Energy.

The Figa as it is known in Brazil is an ancient symbol which was known as the "Fica" in Italy.

It was popularized in Europe for many years and then was introduced into Brazil during one of the early European immigration waves.

It has since become a very popular symbol in Brazil.

It is believed that when given as a gift, the owner will be blessed with Luck and Fortune in all things.

My Figa Art strives to continue this tradition and bring Luck and Fortune to those who possess it.

I have added other cultural Luck and Fortune symbolgy as well to make it even more effective.

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